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Sift Local is a platform for artisans, makers, and craftspersons to showcase their unique talents and creations. On Sift, you will find local bakers and established furniture makers. We are a community of individuals that support, encourage, and inspire one another.


We built Sift so that talented individuals - no matter their budget or notoriety - have the opportunity to showcase their creative talents with the people who would love to support them.


If you are a novice maker, established artisan, or just someone who appreciates a beautifully crafted product, we would love for you to join our community.


We encourage you to explore, engage, share, and be inspired.


I was working on a big project for a table that required custom metal legs. I used Sift to find someone in my area that had the necessary skills. We collaborated together and delivered a beautiful finished product to the client.

John | Woodworker

I love making custom work and working closely with clients. Sift has been a great tool in helping me connect with potential customers and collaborators in my area. I also love how easy it is to grow my community of local artists and makers.

Sarah | Ceramics

“Sift has given me the opportunity to showcase my baking talents in a really professional way. I always struggled to get my name out there because I don’t have a product that I can ship - so Etsy and other e-commerce platforms weren’t an option for me. Sift has given me an online presence that really highlights my skills and passion.”

Sarah | Baker

Sift had everything I needed to start building a following. Now I have more time to do what I love - making things out of metal.

Lucas | Metal Fabrication
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