Square Business Card Wallet, APHRA // Minimal Modern Rugged Card Holder Case // Oiled Leather & Wood

Available on Etsy: etsy.com/shop/blackbosk The Aphra business card wallet is beautifully minimalist, constructed of a simple smooth oiled leather exterior and a sturdy, rugged wooden core. This wallet was designed to maintain its shape to allow for an effortless retrieval of your business cards. Handmade by an architect, these wallets are precision-cut and hand-stitched for durability. - Oiled leather & cross-grain baltic birch plywood - Pocket cavity fits typical square sized business cards, 2.5" x 2.5" x 3/8" [64mm x 64mm x 9mm] - Holds 20-30 business cards, depending on their thickness - Wallet outer dimensions: 3" x 3" x 5/8" [76mm x 76mm x 16mm] - Snap closure, available in 3 colors - Minimal, solid-color design, available in 6 colors View this product video to see the standard size in use: https://youtu.be/d684uK_gR8Q The Aphra business card wallet was developed as a reaction to warped, unhappy business cards. To be happy, business cards need to breathe, to slide smoothly against each other, and emerge flat, with corners intact. Leather is a beautifully sturdy and flexible material, but on its own, is not suitable to accomplish this. I have chosen to incorporate a wooden interior to provide that sturdiness. This design allows the cards to rest within the sturdy environment of wood, but which is encased flexible oiled leather for a pleasing touch. Because of its rigidity, it is not recommended to keep this wallet in a tight pants pocket, but rather within a large pocket with plenty of space, such as a jacket pocket or purse. Please allow 2-3 days before shipment, as these wallets are made to order. LEATHER // FIBER // TIMBER // BOULDER elements of the earth // composed by hand Handmade in Lowell, Massachusetts I believe in simplicity. I believe that materials should be used according to their unique characteristics. My product designs seek to utilize the unique strengths which each material provides. This approach delivers products which are true to their nature, and therefore, resilient to time and use. My studies in architecture have allowed me to hone my passion for simple, straightforward, efficient designs which focus on emphasizing the unique structural properties of various materials. I take pride in developing products that are true to their material strengths because when those materials are happy, we are happy.

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