Cat Toy Ball On String

Available in many color choices at I crocheted around this 2" solid ball then added on a 28" long thick pull cord with a finger loop. To make it even more fun there are two 11" curly tails on the bottom of the ball. Not even that couch potato cat will be able to resist this as you drag it along the floor slowly for that stalking approach or go fast as it twirls in action. Either way it is a great way to get kitty some fun exercise. Shown in Mexican and last one is Feista colored yarn but you pick your colors from the color selection for the fun to begin. The cord and ball will be the same color unless you put it in notes since we can't list 3 different options in the selections. No catnip in this toy! Check pets toys often handmade or store bought we know our pets can get rather aggressive when it comes to play time so look for any damage such as holes and etc. and either repair or discard. Best to put out of reach when not supervising I put mine in a plastic zip bag in the refrigerator for those cat noses can find that catnip anywhere and if they can open the frig we are in serious trouble. Be on the look out for dogs that steal the cats toys to claim their own. Yes you know who you are!

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